Simon Attwood - Director @ Scafman

Simon Attwood - Director @ Scafman

Scafman is a proudly family-owned company, deeply rooted in providing exceptional customer service and ensuring safety as our top priority. Established in 2022, we quickly became known for our reliable and responsive services tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We specialize in offering comprehensive scaffolding solutions that cater to various requirements, whether it's accessing hard-to-reach interior areas for painting or undertaking exterior renovations and repairs at height. Our team is committed to delivering timely and efficient service, ensuring you reach the heights you need safely and return without compromise.

Our mission is clear: to elevate your projects safely and efficiently, allowing you to achieve outstanding results with ease. Our core values are built around providing frictionless and dependable services, where reliability and safety are not just promises but the standards we live by.

With a strong focus on solving complex access challenges, we bring a thoughtful and innovative approach to every job, ensuring we meet your project's specific demands with precision and care. Whether it’s a tricky post-construction touch-up or routine maintenance, we're here to lift your potential.

Join us in building towards safer and more effective heights. At Scafman, your goals are our mission, and your safety is our business.